Scotty Schindler – Street Smart Entrepreneur

International Advisor, Mentor & Speaker

Craig Gillies

“Our business has evolved through Scott – Scott was willing to listen and would never say no”

Scott has an ability to look at a business, analyse it’s needs and deliver a solution and that’s why ReNet has been our longest serving supplier.

Through Scott’s innovative marketing we first made contact with him & ReNet in 2003. Back then a cloud based real estate solution was rare. Scott made perfect sense to our business and he was way ahead of his time. Since then our business has evolved and through Scott our software did as well.

Scott’s passion for what he does is undeniable and infectious and the amount of all nighters he pulled to finish things for us was above and beyond. He listens and implements.

Scott listened to us, so unlike other real estate software we were able to have real input and control over custom built solutions for us He was able to take our ideas from just that, an idea from a real estate agent, to a working and effective tool in our software. Unlike his competitors Scott was willing to listen and would never say no to a good idea and it’s implementation.

Craig Gillies