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$1,125,771,059,045 in real estate!

As the founder and CEO of the software startup company ReNet, I developed and grew ReNet over 18 years to become an international brand and company that managed over $1.125 Trillion Dollars in real estate across Australia & New Zealand. Here are some stats...

Scotty Schindler

Your Street Smart Entrepreneur, sharing systems for Leadership, Sales & Business. International Speaker, Advisor, Mentor & Author. CEO & Startup Founder.

A Quintessential Australian Success Story (BIO)

Scotty Schindler is a business and sports leader proudly from Sawtell, New South Wales, Australia. Now the retired startup founder and CEO of ReNet, he is recognised as a leading Aussie business identity and keen surfer who has won multiple surfing Titles. An overview of Scott’s life shows an enviable ability to achieve success in anything he pursues.

At its core, Scott’s career is a story of creativity, hard work and a love of Australian life. As CEO of ReNet, Scott has presided over the growth of a startup business that began in 2000 with just 1 single property listing advertised. On Scott’s retirement in 2017, ReNet managed over $1.125 Trillion Dollars ($1,125,771,059,045) in real estate across Australia and New Zealand by over 5,000 real estate offices and some 15,000 real estate salespeople.

In complement to his role as CEO, Scott is also a highly sought-after public speaker, trainer and thought leader within Australia and around the world. A business mentor and sales trainer who can back up advice with proven results in his own life, Scott credits his ‘quintessentially Australian’ identity as a born optimist and clear-cut straight talker as key to his success in this arena.

Before this present chapter of his life, Scott acquired his business and sales trade during 10 years in the insurance industry in the ’90s. Other organisations Scott is actively involved in are the Sawtell Boardriders, Sawtell Business Chamber, Surfing NSW and Fire + Rescue New South Wales. The roles vary but Scott’s devotion to community is a constant and so too an unending love of business and surfing that has carved out many, many adventures.

Scotty Schindler: The Street-Smart Entrepreneur

Scotty Schindler isn’t your typical entrepreneur. He’s not just about crunching numbers and sealing deals in boardrooms. Instead, he’s a dynamic individual who thrives on the hustle, the adrenaline of firefighting, and the rush of conquering the ocean and surf while competing. Born and bred in the coastal town of Sawtell, Australia, Scotty embodies the essence of a true Aussie battler – resilient, resourceful, and relentless in pursuit of his dreams.

Street Smart Beginnings:
Growing up in the tight-knit community of Sawtell, Scotty learned the value of hard work and street smarts at an early age. He hustled his way through odd jobs, from mowing lawns, and kitchen hands, to anything that paid money, and developed a keen sense of entrepreneurship along the way. Instead of following the conventional path, Scotty embraced the challenges of life, honing his instincts and learning the art of the deal in real-world scenarios.

Founder of ReNet:
Scotty’s entrepreneurial journey took off when he founded ReNet, a revolutionary real estate software platform. Noticing outdated systems in the industry, Scotty saw an opportunity to introduce to the market new innovative systems. With his street smarts and determination, he built ReNet from the ground up, transforming it into a leading solution trusted by real estate professionals worldwide. Scotty’s vision and tenacity drove ReNet’s success, empowering agents to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. In 2017, Scotty fully exited ReNet and retired, at the age of 46.

Fireman in Sawtell:
But Scotty’s passion extends beyond the boardroom. Since 2013, he’s been a dedicated member of the Sawtell Fire Brigade, he puts his life on the line to protect his community. Whether battling blazes or responding to emergencies, Scotty’s bravery and selflessness embody the spirit of a true hero. His commitment to serving others reflects his deep-rooted connection to Sawtell and its people, earning him respect and admiration far beyond the business world.

World Masters Surfing Champion:
Amidst his entrepreneurial endeavours and firefighting duties, Scotty still finds time to pursue his lifelong passion for surfing. A master of the waves, he has conquered some of the most challenging breaks around the globe. As a multiple regional, state, and national surfing champion, in 2013, Scotty finally achieved a remarkable feat by clinching a World Masters Surfing Championship title, solidifying his status as a legend in the surfing community. His relentless determination and unwavering focus are evident both in and out of the water, inspiring others to chase their dreams with passion.

Scotty Schindler’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering determination. From the streets of Sawtell to the pinnacle of entrepreneurship and beyond, he has overcome obstacles with grit and grace, leaving an indelible mark on everyone he meets. As a street-smart entrepreneur, firefighter, and world masters surfing champion, Scotty continues to inspire others to embrace life’s challenges and carve their own path to success.


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What others say!

“Scott’s ethics are impeccable and his ability to build a successful business from scratch is proven”

As a business man, Scott’s ethics are impeccable and his ability to build a successful business from scratch is proven with his history at ReNet.

I have had a business relationship with Scott Schindler for approximately 12 years. This connection has given me a good insight into Scott as a business man and as a person.

I believe that most good business people in this day and age are, and need to be, good people, full stop. Scott’s dedication to his family, his competitiveness, skills, success as a surfer and mate ship are all characteristics that he brings to his business with obvious results.

If anyone would like to speak to me personally regarding Scott, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Michael Davoren

“Our business has evolved through Scott – Scott was willing to listen and would never say no”

Scott has an ability to look at a business, analyse it’s needs and deliver a solution and that’s why ReNet has been our longest serving supplier.

Through Scott’s innovative marketing we first made contact with him & ReNet in 2003. Back then a cloud based real estate solution was rare. Scott made perfect sense to our business and he was way ahead of his time. Since then our business has evolved and through Scott our software did as well.

Scott’s passion for what he does is undeniable and infectious and the amount of all nighters he pulled to finish things for us was above and beyond. He listens and implements.

Scott listened to us, so unlike other real estate software we were able to have real input and control over custom built solutions for us He was able to take our ideas from just that, an idea from a real estate agent, to a working and effective tool in our software. Unlike his competitors Scott was willing to listen and would never say no to a good idea and it’s implementation.

Craig Gillies

“Scott and his team have delivered beyond expectation”

Scott and his team have delivered beyond expectation, and I can honestly say that working with ReNet and the development team has been a pleasure.

Starr Partners have been working with Scott @ ReNet for nearly 10 years, and have always enjoyed a very good relationship. During that time, Scott’s team delivered 3 very different iterations of our website. Each time the site has been totally bespoke with ReNet needing to closely follow our design brief.

Being a perfectionist, I can be very demanding and attention to detail is imperative.



Doug Driscoll

“A tenacious competitor with astute business acumen”

This brief narrative on Scott Schindler will substantiate the high regard I have for this man of impeccable character. I have known Scott Schindler for over 15 years, through a mutual love of surfing. A tenacious competitor in the water with several State and National Titles to his credit.

With astute business acumen, this tenacity was focused on his business interests; he founded ReNet, which he built in to a leader in its field.

Scott has been extremely generous with his time in regards to surfing and its development and has had a positive influence with the development of surfing in NSW.

Mark (Winny) Windon OAM