Scotty Schindler – Street Smart Entrepreneur

International Advisor, Mentor & Speaker

Scott Schindler

“Recognised among Australia’s leading entrepreneurs!”

Scotty Schindler is today recognised among Australia’s leading entrepreneurs. A quintessential Australian success story, after three decades of hard work day in and day out in his business career, Scott retired in 2017 at 46 years of age and immediately turned his attention towards service of others in business.

Today as an advisor, mentor and public speaker, Scott is highly sought after for his proven understanding on a variety of topics. His insight built on real and enduring experience acquired over three decades in business, Scott is renowned in Australia and beyond for his thought leadership.

Scott is always ready to speak far and wide on business matters, but holds particular expertise on:

  • Direct sales, closing small to large deals and marketing.
  • Agile product development and road mapping.
  • Brand identification and loyalty
  • Building relationships from client engagement to staff and team development in-house
  • Wealth creation, financial and budget management
  • Training and presenting in front of small or large audiences
  • Ability to manage and grow business remotely with clients across Australia

…and more!

Proudly from Sawtell, New South Wales, Australia, Scotty is available for engagements locally and globally. Alongside business, Scotty is also renowned for his work in the surfing community, as a keen amateur surfer, and key figure in Australian surfing leadership. Read more about Scotty and surfing here.

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