Scotty Schindler – Street Smart Entrepreneur

International Advisor, Mentor & Speaker

Scotty Schindler – Street Smart Sales

Scotty Schindler, the street-smart sales maestro hailing from the streets of Northern NSW Australia! With a trailblazing career spanning decades in the cutthroat world of cold sales, Scotty isn’t just another suit-wearing executive; he’s the epitome of sales savvy and hustle.

As the mastermind behind ReNet, a groundbreaking software company revolutionizing the sales game for the real estate industry, Scotty has taken his hard-earned expertise and distilled it into simple yet powerful systems for sales success. Born from the trenches of real-world selling, his strategies are battle-tested and proven to drive your results.

Scotty isn’t your typical sales guru with theories and jargon. No, he’s the real deal—a trained salesperson who’s been in the trenches, faced many a rejection head-on, and emerged victorious time and time again. He knows what it takes to close deals, build lasting relationships, and thrive in the competitive landscape of modern business.

With Scotty as your guide, you’ll learn the art of the conversation, the art of presentation, and the psychology behind people when closing deals. Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro or just starting, his no-nonsense approach will arm you with the tools and tactics you need to crush your quotas and dominate your market.

So if you’re ready to take your sales game to the next level, join Scotty Schindler and unlock the secrets to sales success with ReNet.

Get ready to hustle, grind, and conquer the world of sales like never before!

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