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A Startup or Entrepreneur?

So what is a Startup?

What is the difference between a startup and starting a business?

I believe a startup is more than just starting a business. A startup is whereby you have to not only start a business but also be innovative and fresh by starting a product or service that customers did not know they wanted.

A startup business has to create both the new product and market!

It is starting something fresh in business, something almost no one else is doing or has thought of.

You can be a successful Business Entrepreneur, be proud of it and own it.

I am so inspired by any business that starts up but also sees the term startup diluted at times and often sees it confuse the owner too.

When I started in 2000, I had to explain to prospects that online software along with their customers being stored online (now known as the cloud) was good, and that was not easy. In fact, when I mentioned Google, most people would reply with, what’s Google, who’d use that? I had to convince people that they would use Google as a search engine let alone what it is today.

As an example, starting a mechanic business would not be a start-up, but a mechanic starting a new way of powering engines would be.

It is important to understand if you have a new business whereby you are a startup or an entrepreneur. Once you confidently say what you are, you can then announce what you’re doing confidently and know your market knows how you fit in.

Note: ReNet is a cloud-based real estate CRM and now manages over $1.125 trillion dollars in real estate, built from scratch as a startup in 2000.