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Personal Development Interviews

Do you conduct staff or team performance reviews?

Well, rather than call them performance reviews, try calling them a PDI (Personal Development Interviews).

Let’s face it, who wants to have a review? Nobody that I know of, do you want a review of your performance? If your number 1 in your business/company then maybe, but everyone else will come to a performance review and want to hide.

There are many benefits to conducting PDI’s

  • You automatically have a new objective for your interview.
  • You are looking towards the future rather than the past.
  • You now have others developing their skills.
  • You now have others focused on achieving their goals.
  • You now have others moving forward with a positive plan.

Some advantages of PDS’s

  • PDI’s are less informal.
  • PDI’s are less interrogation style.
  • PDI’s make you look towards personal development and improvement rather than past performances.
  • PDI’s can be done over coffee, beer, golf, anywhere.
  • PDI’s can be done in a group environment.