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Working smarter, not harder!

“Unrealestate lists and sells more property than any other agency in their local area.”

I engineered and developed software so that for every 2 minutes you put into your CRM, you would get 100 minutes back from free, it was all about working smarter, not harder.

The team at Unrealestate Coffs Coast are long-term users of ReNet Touchpoints Manager (TM). Here Chris and Kerry Hines talk about why the real estate software I developed was the solution of choice for their agency.

An independent agency with a sales team of five, Unrealestate Coffs Coast lists and sells more property than any other agency in their local area.

“We use the contacts manager to prospect and win listings!”

The secret to their success? ReNet Touchpoints Manager(TM).

“The ReNet solution is critical to our business,” Managing Director Chris Hines said. “We’ve worked really hard over the years to build our database. It’s now a mature database and Touchpoints Manager (TM) allows us to make the most of it.

The team at Unrealestate use the contacts management function to help win listings.

“We take the time to explain to prospective vendors how we can easily match potential buyers to their property,” he explains. “We use the software to demonstrate our success rate by showing examples of how our database allows us to identify the right potential buyers quickly.

“It all comes down to the power of our database.”

Everything at your fingertips!
According to Sales Director Kerry Hines the ReNet solution allows the team to work smarter, not harder. “Every person we talk to is entered into our database – from open homes, door knocks, telephone prospecting … every time we speak with someone,” Kerry explains.

“This means that all the information we need is always at our fingertips.

“With Touchpoints ManagerTM, we use the contacts manager to prospect and win listings, complete the transaction through the sales process and then use the software to continue tracking our relationships with past and current clients.

“It’s central to everything we do.”

Both Chris and Kerry agree that clients really appreciate the level of contact and follow up Touchpoints Manager (TM) allows the Unrealestate team to provide.

“The task trails in the system are crucial for us, so nothing is missed – whether it’s following up after an appraisal, contacting past clients on the anniversary of a sale, or identifying contacts for prospecting,” Chris says.

“Our clients like the little things. It’s the personal touch that counts and ReNet Touchpoints Manager (TM) allows us to provide the best service possible.”

“The trails in the system are crucial for us, nothing is missed”

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