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Business Judo.

business Judo

One description of “Judo” is the art of using your opponent’s strength against them to win a fight.

“Business Judo” is when you use another business to succeed.

But isn’t “Business Judo” like win/win?

Yes, and much more.

“Business Judo” must become part of your business DNA! Every disadvantage has to become an advantage; you have to look for the seed of advantage in every situation. It’s way more intense than a few simple win/win situations. It’s an art.

So when you are looking at growing, ask yourself questions like….

1. What opportunities are there for me to leverage off what others are better than me at?
2. How can I use other peoples strengths so it is a win/win for us all?
3. How can I use and leverage their strengths to achieve my goals?

The true art of “Business Judo” is when you can make the others think it is their idea too, that’s when not only did you seek the opportunity but also…

1. It became their idea too.
2. Others engage in the opportunity.
3. Others help you achieve the opportunity.

Make “Business Judo” part of your success DNA.