Scotty Schindler – Street Smart Entrepreneur

International Advisor, Mentor & Speaker

Positively stand out!

Every action has a reaction! Use positive statements and comments as it really matters what people hear. Your words are your smile in your voice and when you write and say them your positives & smiles will deliver you the reactions you are seeking. 

Think about it, you are marketing, in a sales opportunity, a staff meeting, with family & friends, with your local group, etc; you would much prefer to have a positive conversation, a positive outcome rather than the opposite reaction which is negatives like an argument and generally the feeling of dissatisfaction from everyone.

See how you go with improving negative comments and words with positive ones when you’re dealing with others as it’s a golden rule of thumb.

On your next email, post, in a meeting see how many examples you can find, try reviewing the last few emails you sent, the post you did, you’re general conversations, and you will be surprised just how natural it can be and how simple it is to improve.

There are times when a negative comment may be required, but as a golden rule of thumb, it can be replaced with the true message, the true result you and whom you are talking to, is really looking for.

Example: I will replace the below sentence of this post with the same message written positively.

Sometimes we say something when it is not necessary, we feel we need to make negative comments when it’s not required and it does damage and we don’t know it.

Improved to…

Use positive statements and comments when writing and speaking, positive words have a far stronger impact when they are communicated in a positive way to answer questions or to make a great impact and positive point.

See, I replaced “not”, “necessary”, “negative”, required“, “damage” and “don’t” and the sentence and message are way better.

You can also improve part of a sentence too, such as…

Improve “I’m Sorry to keep you” with “Thank you for holding/waiting”.

Improve “No we can’t make that” with “yes we can make that and it will require ABC and only cost only 123”.

Improve “I don’t know” with “I will find out”.

Improve “it will cost $10,000” can become “it’s only $10,000”.

These examples need some common sense used in the real world and it may take time to change your written and spoken vocabulary, so start by checking your written words in emails, texts, posts etc.

Go ahead, use positive comments and statements to define who you are and what you do. Improve what you say and what you write and watch the impact it has and let me know how you go.