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Never to say this to clients!

Never to say this to clients!

When I hear someone say “I don’t know!” when I am a client or during a sales presentation I think to myself why????

Never, never ever say it.

The “I don’t know” comment may be OK with friends but in business, it’s a deal killer.

You go to a restaurant and you ask what the best stake is and the waiter replies “I don’t know”.

You phone a company and ask the person on the phone a question and they reply, “I don’t know”.

It does not matter what you thought before, now your thinking this person and/or company does not know their stuff, hopefully, it’s not the owner! Even so, the owner is letting the staff deal with clients and they appear to not know the product or how to handle situations!

When clients ask questions, you don’t need to know all the answers right away, they just expect you to help them as best as you can.

Here are some quotes you can replace “I don’t know” with.

I’ll find out!
I’ll get someone to help you with that!
Can I call you back about this?
What I can tell you are!
I’d love to know that too!
I have the same question too!
Let’s ask someone together about this!

If there is something you genuinely don’t know, then that’s OK, but learn how to answer it with a positive outcome that builds client confidence.