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When Magpies Attack

Has this happened to you, it happened to me just now and instantly I saw the correlation between it and business.

So I was out riding for exercise, mostly my rides go well and everything is great.

But sure enough, today all sudden and out of the blue, a magpie swoops, then swoops again, I’m OK but what a fright.

The reason I was OK as I was prepared for it, my bike helmet has cable ties attached so they stick out and cause the magpie to only hit them and not me or the helmet. I have been hit before, so that is why I prepared for it. It was one thing to get hit once but not OK to let it happen again. My wife told me I was overreacting when I put the cable ties on, it looked silly and was not needed. But I wanted to be prepared.

Because I had my prevention in place, I could continue on my exact journey and not be affected by a magpie, although I was aware of it, it didn’t change a thing, I keep my head up high, watched the shadow and knew the magpie could not affect me in any real way even though it tried over half a dozen times.

In Business
In business, the metaphor of being attacked by a magpie is the same thing.

In business magpies attack all the time, the magpies swoop in, the magpies try to scare you away, the magpies try to stop you from what you’re doing and try to have you change your course..

How do you handle your magpies, have your learnt lessons from last time?

If you still want to continue on the same coarse in business you need to know you have your cable ties ready so you can stay focused and ignore the magpies.

So be prepared, learn from the magpies and take preventative action so if a magpie appears again in your business it does not matter.