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7 things successful real estate agents use in their CRM.

Seven things successful real estate agents use in their CRM.

Successful real estate agents meet 1000’s of other people each year, how do they stay in touch? A great CRM!

A great CRM is a perfect tool used by successful real estate agents all over the world. CRM’s add extra value to the successful, successful people still talk to their contacts, however, they also know they can’t phone and talk to them all, not at once anyway. Typically they will talk to only a select few that they think are hot prospects, but it’s a great CRM that allows successful people to stay in touch with the 1000’s of others they are going to talk to this year and the next. Here are 7 things successful real estate agents use in their CRM.

1. They know their CRM is an asset.
A well-built and mature database is of real value. Their database is of value for them while they build it, they save time and they quickly deliver great results when they want it and even when they least expect it. There are also many cases where there has been a monetary value placed on a mature CRM database when on-sold too in their business.

2. They understand bulk communication methods.
Their CRM should have automatic alerts and communication methods, successful agents stay in constant communication with contacts with automatic or regular communication, successful agents get mobile phone numbers and email addresses so they can save time and get the best value from their CRM.

3. They use the vendor reports to win listings.
A great CRM will have multiple vendor reporting systems, such as printable, emailable, apps and/or vendor login versions. A great CRM will allow agents to use these reports during their listings presentation to demonstrate how successful they are at real estate and why a vendor wants to list with them.

4. They stay in touch with automatic touchpoint alerts.
Once a contact has a touchpoint with a property that is on the market, they take the few seconds to enter this if its not automatically added, this action should populate vendor reports and keep those contacts alerted and reminded of them with automatic touchpoint alerts on similar properties when they are new, change in price or are sold. Touchpoint alerts are the ultimate time duplicator, their CRM is staying in touch while their busy and even when they are sleeping.

5. They log notes and know small details matter.
Successful agents take lots of notes and enter into their CRM as much as possible, so when they lookup a phone number and find a contact they spoke to years ago, they are immediately reminded of so many little things regarding that contact that they may have otherwise forgotten.

6. They set tasks and reminders.
Successful agents follow up, they set tasks and reminders on all key activities. It is important, after 1000 people, they want their CRM to tell them when they need to talk or communicate with someone again.

7. They log everything so they can re-use it again and again.
A good CRM will give lots of intelligence back with reports and KPI’s, this intelligence should be able to re-used to win listings, keep vendors informed along the journey, evidence for price adjustments and finally for internal business and marketing reviews. Successful agents use CRM intelligence to show potential clients why they should list with them. A great set of reports helps successful real estate agents differentiate themselves from other agents before, during and after the listing.

Do your research on CRM’s, ask if your CRM does these 7 things, can it do it easily and get to know what else it can do or research for a better one.